Spatially Efficient.

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serva transport systems provides up to 60% more vehicles in the same area. This is possible via automated and intelligent parking of vehicles – the parking system detects the size of the incoming vehicle and assigns it to its ideal location. Vehicles of different lengths are parked in a space saving configuration, freeing up more space for more vehicles.

Our system shares many the advantages of automatic parking systems, but has greater spatial efficiency. By parking cars in a parallel configuration, we increase the amount of saved space and this is only accomplished by our patented AGV or automatic guided vehicle.

Highly Flexible.

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The innovative serva transport systems solution is very flexible and can be used in many different situations. From simple parking garages to transport hubs at harbors, all customer requirements can be realized with our standard modular components. The individual serva transport systems software package & modules can also be tailored to the customer's specific needs in a very short time-frame. This flexibility and customization is part of the simple serva transport systems solution.


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Simple operation makes the „act of parking“ in a serva transport systems garage an attractive and convenient decision. The design is centered on customer service which places emphasis on the reliability of our system and a simple, easy to use process. A user simply parks their car in a large open Vehicle Transfer Station and initiates the parking process. Our robot and serva software does the rest.

In order to retreive a vehicle upon return, we adapt to the flexibility and spontaneity of clients: Whether from work, shopping, or at the Vehicle Transfer Station, the car can be easily retrieved by different means and desires. This is possible through various communication systems such as our the on-site terminal or mobile phone application.


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serva transport systems are always individual custom solutions, but our standardized components makes customized designs fairly simple with minimal installation requirements.

The architecture of a building is not limited by our systems as with conventional automated parking. Our solution does not require the rigour that mechanical systems require. Our simple, independent robots ride on standard concrete and are not tied to tracks, chains, or any mechanics installed into a building.

An existing garage can be converted in most cases into a space-saving and service-oriented serva transport system. Even partial conversion, where traditional parking garage and a serva transport system work in tandem, can be implemented very quickly and simply.


When we first sought to develop our new technology, we pursued a solution that responds to environmental issues of today as well as the grow in demand for livable cities and urban environments.  From the onset, we viewed simplifying our technology as compared to existing solutions as the central tenet in creating a more environmentally sensitive solution.

With simplification and reduction of our technology to a robot, we de-coupled our solution from infrastructure such as rails, tracks, pallets, or moving towers.  By eliminating these elements, we have decreased the energy required to fabricate our system.  Our system does not require all the steel elements that other automated systems require - we simply utilize the concrete decks that structured parking already uses and always requires.  In some cases, we can retrofit existing structures to hold more vehicles eliminating the need to build new parking structures.

The efficiency we get by squeezing up to 60% more vehicles in the same area decreases the resources required to build an equivalent traditional parking structure.  Footprints for parking structures can be reduced and the newly available space can be used for more viable uses that enliven the street scape and urban environment.  Additionally, we can reduce the depth of underground structures requiring less excavation and materials to fulfill parking minimums required by municipalities.

With the flexibility of our robot and its ability to shuttle vehicles long-distances, we can develop central parking blocks for urban districts creating walkable and campus-like environments.  Multiple portals for parking can be dispersed through a district.  Cars are transported to a central parking block leaving other areas untouched by parking structures or parking lots.  For the streets scape, parked cars can be eliminated and replaced with bike lanes, parklets, and bioswales that improve the urban environment.