serva North America’s aim is to increase opportunities for housing, commerce, services, and recreation and reduce the impact of parking on urban environments by deploying a parking solution that is easy to use, simple in its execution, and efficient in its utilization of space.

serva’s founding was based on the idea of reducing or eliminating the mechanical, material, and installation requirements of automated parking systems.  serva's technology was developed in Germany and centers on the concept of the AGV, or automated guided vehicle. The result was a simple, yet robust and flexible design that reduces automated parking to a series of robots that act as parking valets called RAY™.  Our first system was deployed in 2014 at Düsseldorf International Airport where it is used every day by the traveling public.  It is also trusted by Audi to handle its vehicles at its manufacturing plant in Ingolstadt, Germany.  

Our system is set to revolutionize automated parking, making it accessible to more projects and enabling new solutions to parking problems worldwide.